Louis Sciarli

Managing Partner

Louis has over 20 years of experience in the waste industry. For the first 15 years, he worked in senior management positions for various companies in the current Renewi group. In 2017, Louis became managing director of a company active in biodiesel production, tank storage, the collection of used fats, animal feed, and cleaning services (350M euro turnover, 300 FTE). Under his leadership, this company was structured by, for example, the successful implementation of the continuous improvement methodology, after which sales to various parties took place in 2019. Louis is a connector by nature and thinks in possibilities. He has a can-do and hands-on mentality based on positive energy. Louis is passionate about turning opportunities from his extensive (international) network into successes.


Rick Leerink

Managing Partner

Rick Leerink is the director of CIWS. He is a waste management expert with over 28 years of experience in this rapidly changing field. He was previously responsible for the sludge wastewater and oil business unit of ATM, M&W division, part of Renewi. As a member of MT ATM, Rick focused on long-term strategy, new business, and customer satisfaction. Teamwork was also an essential item within the new organization. In his current role, he solves complex waste problems employing unorthodox solutions, linking technology, people, expertise, and a hands-on mentality to results and compliance. Rick puts customers and people first. Like all other Horizon 3 colleagues, he connects parties, partners, people, processes, and innovative technologies to each other to achieve a concrete result.

Rick Leerink

Steven Verhaar

Managing Partner

Steven has been active in the waste and energy industry for more than 15 years. First as a consultant/project manager at a renowned consultancy firm and for several years now as a partner of investment platform Horizon 3. Steven has a background in Technical Innovation Sciences at the Eindhoven University of Technology and is a certified IPMA project manager. He is currently active at the interface of compliance, project manager, and project developer for various (bio-based) companies in the field of raw materials management and valorization of waste. Steven has a hands-on and lean-and-mean attitude. He dedicates himself to developing innovations, optimizing business cases, and getting things done.

Marcel Brouwer

Operations Manager

Marcel Brouwer is reponsible for all logistics and operational ship waste matters. Marcel has an extensive long career of over 25 years in waste management. He started at SITA, where he held several functions, rotating many commercial internal jobs in various segments for 17 years. Marcel was responsible for a lot of large accounts on a national level. He became team coordinator of the commercial back office of SITA, occupying his work week with strengthening the companies’ account management while also co-operating in the day-to-day operation with his team.

To work according to compliance rules and regulations and improve his knowledge, he studied hazardous substances that belong to the ADR and ADN agreements (European Agreements Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Inland Waterways).

Looking for a new challenge, ATM crossed his path. In 2013, he joined the commercial back office team of industrial customers, from land waste flows and activities up to maritime activities, like ship waste, including oil, sludge, and water. He enjoys the variety of ship waste jobs and has an excellent talent for processes. Furthermore, he likes customer contact and has a solution-oriented view on challenges. Marcel is the ideal colleague for Horizon 3 SRM ship waste projects; he can integrate and connect people on all levels. No matter how complex, Marcel gets the job done.

Jeroen Clement

Business Process & IT Manager

Jeroen Clement has been a business IT professional for over twenty years. At the intersection between IT and business, he is the connecting link in the field of IT architecture, IT strategy, and implementation when it comes to business issues that need to link to technology. Jeroen is also a certified software programmer with a very pragmatic approach. That means that he achieves the set goal every time.

He translates business challenges into technology solutions that take a company further and make it future-proof. He has previously integrated complex systems for companies such as ATM and Renewi. He has extensive experience in recycling and environmental-related business environments and issues. No-nonsense, hands-on, goal-oriented, and result-oriented are an integral part of his way of working. Business processes, project management skills, and IT management are part of the toolbox he uses to make projects a great success. At Horizon 3, Jeroen is responsible for the IT platform that provides, among other things, a clear insight into CO2 emissions and also supports the back office of the required business processes at Horizon 3.

Kelly Steuerwald

Sales Representative

Kelly Steuerwald is responsible for all account management and sales management tasks. Before joining Horizon 3, she worked in the world of shipping agencies and the petrochemical industry. In her new role, she now combines her previous experience. Kelly studied at the Shipping and Transport College, and shipping runs through her veins. What she likes most in her daily work is the dynamics of sales, the interaction with people, networking, and the daily variety of her work. She is excited about her responsibilities and is committed to ensuring that Horizon 3 targets get reached in the coming quarters.


Bianca Leerink

Business Development Manager

Bianca Leerink brings a broad range and diversity of experience in processing complex and simple waste streams. She is also familiar with the laws and regulations concerning waste, knows a lot about the latest sustainability developments and applies them to our sustainable waste processing philosophy on a daily basis.

Bianca started her career at Enigma Netherlands, an industrial cleaning company, and after seven years, made the move to SITA (now called PreZero) in Schiedam. As a Waste Consultant and later Key Account Manager, she managed multiple waste contracts at various industrial clients, shipyards and the larger blasting and painting companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

She then continued her career at REYM as a Senior Sales Engineer where everything came together. Here, she was responsible for various TotalCare contracts, which are a composition of industrial cleaning and all released waste materials. After almost 12 years at REYM, she is now taking the step to help customers with their waste issues at Horizon 3 SRM and CIWS, part of the CIMS Group.

Bianca, together with her colleagues at the CIMS Group, aims to achieve ambitious growth targets. Her passion for people, knowledge and experience of a wide range of waste materials, speed, customer service orientation and commercial can-do mentality give our services even more shape and substance.