Horizon 3 SRM has a proven track record in guiding and commercializing innovations in various sectors, including chemistry, valorization of residual flows, food, feed, and energy. Horizon 3 SRM can support during all stages of the development. We can assist with, among others, setting up partnerships and partnering, financing, conceptual design, permits, business case development (guaranteeing input versus sales), due diligence, and scaling up.


Closing cycles. That's what it's all about these days. When using materials cleverly and optimally reusing them, we can continue to use the world around us sustainably. We are very good at researching maximum value according to various stages of sustainability. Based on our knowledge, network, and experience in several markets, we help you optimally use your raw materials from a cost and sustainability point of view, always with a realistic and feasible view. For example, think of: from used fats to fuels, from organic waste to proteins, from peels to fragrances and flavors, and from plastics to oil.


The world forces us to look critically at our footprint. Recent IPCC reports make it tangible that humanity had a massive impact on the earth over the past hundred years and that change is necessary. Companies will have more obligations to reduce their footprint. It starts with providing insight into the impact in a reference year and then thinking about ambitions and potential savings. In addition, the question is who can and may claim which environmental impact and how to safeguard this. Horizon 3 SRM works with partners to help companies think about their environmental impact, compliance, ambitions and carbon claims.


A business case can be or become vulnerable from various backgrounds. Think of geopolitical tensions or changes in regulations that can lead to dependence, high energy rates, scarcity of raw materials, or reduced outlets for residual flows. Based on its experience and network, Horizon 3 SRM can critically examine a business case for potential risks and contribute ideas in making a project or company future-proof.


From the perspective of supply chain management, it is important to look critically at raw materials. What is the value of a particular stream, and what possibilities are there for reuse or processing? But also, why is a specific flow released and can it not be done more efficiently or differently, and is there any waste? Horizon 3 SRM can provide a critical sounding board and reflect with you on your business processes and mass balance. And we can optimally sell what remains as residual flow to parties in our network.


From all angles, traceability at companies is a very crucial aspect. It can concern reporting waste flows, processing routes, storage and handling of animal by-products, or keeping an ISCC mass balance for sustainable processing. Traceability is essential for all of these examples. Horizon 3 SRM has proven experience in all kinds of processes and can help you by asking critical questions or providing support in drawing up traceability balances. Compliance is and remains essential. Horizon 3 SRM is well informed about (approaching) regulations and has short lines of communication with the various government agencies.


Horizon 3 SRM can shape and guide projects from start to finish at various levels. From thinking along about a business case for upscaling, commercializing innovations, or realizing an expansion of a factory. Horizon 3 SRM has the experience and network to carry out the various phases of project development and project management in all these projects, including feasibility studies, financing, partnering, permits, conceptual design, tendering, contract management, and realization.


Issues concerning dismantling, remediation, spills, or historical pollution require specific expertise. Horizon 3 SRM can guide you based on ready knowledge and experience. Using a helicopter view, we can assist you in all aspects that need addressing.


Based on our years of experience and independence, we can facilitate the search for various processing methods for you. We can select, for example, based on exclusivity, dependency, speed, cost, and sustainability. In addition, we test the security of supply, flexibility, and track record of the various routes. We can offer you a broad spectrum of solutions due to our independent position, market knowledge, and network. As a client, we offer you tailor-made solutions in which your specific needs are paramount.
From our portfolio of treatment solutions, Horizon 3 SRM facilitates the entire process from initiation to final reporting regarding the services provided.


Horizon 3 SRM can offer tailor-made logistical solutions for all our services, from shipping logistics for (by)products or waste to the transport of solid or liquid waste. The goal is a low CO2 footprint without compromising the need, quality, and speed of the logistic services required. By cooperating with high-quality transporters, we can guarantee an optimal service. Horizon 3 SRM handles the complete coordination of these transports from start to finish, entirely according to the applicable laws and regulations, using the appropriate documents and systems.


Horizon 3 SRM supports and guides organizations and companies to achieve goals and ambitions, for example, regarding sustainability. You can think of introducing new solutions and services, deployment and scaling innovations, or developing new business models. With our expertise, broad network, and experience in various projects in different roles, we can combine knowledge for customers and develop it further towards the goals set. That way, our clients can focus on their core activities. The in-house application of previously acquired knowledge and experience from various companies and industries saves our customers time and costs and gives parties the sounding board and focus needed for a sound business strategy.


Horizon 3 SRM can support the sourcing of various commodities thanks to a rock-solid network of global partnerships. Horizon 3 SRM is aware of the complexity and risks within the supply chain. Our cooperation with diverse partners and suppliers guarantees quality, integrity, and flexibility. If desired, Horizon 3 SRM and its partners can set up a transparent full-service model that creates certainty regarding sourcing the required raw materials.


Horizon 3 SRM offers its own digital solutions to support the service. The starting points are simplicity, all-digital, traceability, transparency, privacy, and compliance. We determine for each process on which basis transactions are established, from file creation to unambiguous and transparent invoicing. And from the digital workflow for data-intensive or repetitive actions to custom Business Intelligence for further process optimizations.

In addition to self-developed solutions, Horizon 3 SRM is also working on a portfolio of digital solutions for third parties. Here Horizon 3 SRM searches for the best available options for specific issues that play a role for customers, such as CO2 registration or packaging registration.


By combining the various services of Horizon 3 SRM, we can offer a complete package of services, so-called Smart Total Solutions. This complete package allows our customers to be unburdened in the field of, for example, process-related (waste) flows and questions. Horizon 3 SRM does not offer a total package for all residual flows but focuses on specific critical (complex) process (waste) flows, offering maximum added value. Horizon 3 SRM can also operate alongside your current service provider with our tailor-made approach if desired.
By using our digital solutions, we guarantee the quality of our services. For example, we check the processing permits and accreditations and record the work carried out and documentation. Compliance and traceability are, of course, essential.


Horizon 3 SRM can support organizations in optimizing the supply chain. The starting point here is that the whole needs optimization instead of different parts separately. The objective is to maximize value together and thus minimize waste in the chain. By not just looking at the waste process (as the end of the pipe) but at the entire production chain, you can implement changes at an early stage. We can jointly optimize processes and processing routes with a cleaner use of raw materials, resulting in a solid business case.